First Day Back to School September 3rd, 2019
Join us August 28/19- Back to School BBQ 12-1 pm

Guy Lacoste

Teachers - Elementary - Grade Five

403-646-3161(ext 108)
About Me

Mr.G.LaCoste (alias Mr.L.)

Teaching in Nanton for 33+ years. Meddling in the middle.

Passionate about my family, the arts, keeping active, tinkering, and using tech wisely. I constantly make time for students to explore. I always try to provide opportunities for learning. What things do you do to learn?  I challenge students to be aware, learn to be assertive, value academics, stay active, and attend to our learning community. Lifelong learners become passionate about a variety of things.  What are you passionate about? -L

Welcome to Room 108 The SWITCH is on. This is the S.T.E.P.-U.P. Lab where Students Taking Education Personally-Unlimited Possibilities. Imagine.....passion, ponder, preview, problem, predict, plan, prepare, point by point, produce, practice, proof, and presenting.