No School October 11th and 14th. Have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving everyone!
Becker, Jolene - Principal
Martin, Allison - Assistant Principal
Administrative Assistant
Sheldon, Shannon - Office Admin Assistant
Support Staff
Adie, Louise - Librarian
Teachers - Elementary
Dutton, Heather - Grade 4/5 Combined Class
Gammie, Sandra - Grade Two
Garbutt, Jennifer - Grade Three
Gillespie, Amy - Grade Four
MacDonald, Jason - Grade Six
Millard, Alana - Grade One
Reid, Stephanie - Grade Five
Spencer, Jillian - Grade 1/2 Combined
Watt, Michelle - Grade Six
Wickett, Shannon - Grade Three
Teachers - Kindergarten
MacPherson, Jessica - Kindergarten
Educational Assistants
Dawn, Lindsey - PUF EA
Ransom, Leona
Todd, Robyn
Whitten, Samantha
Whittingham, Ramona
Wrzaskala, Marcy
Student Services
Martin, Allison - Learning Support