June 10- JT Foster Impaired Driving Enactment

JT Foster Impaired Driving Re-enactmentJT Foster Impaired Driving Re-enactment

IMPORTANT NOTE: On Monday, June 10th, students from JT Foster will participate in an Impaired Driving Enactment from 9- 11:30 am. NO STUDENTS from A.B. Daley will be participating, but we wanted to inform AB Daley parents as there will be students, staff and local emergency personnel participating in this learning activity outside JT Foster. Emergency vehicles will be called to the scene as part of the enactment and arrive as if an accident has just occurred. Our students will all be in class at this time but they may hear the emergency response team outside. The  Impaired Driving Enactment will show JT Foster students the personal and legal consequences of impaired driving.