Lockdown Drill


Dear Students, Staff, Parents, and Guardians:

A.B. Daley School, with the assistance of local enforcement (Peace Officers-RCMP), will be
conducting a practice lockdown at approximately 10:00am on March 15, 2018. Lockdowns are
conducted as a method of controlling students’ movement within the school when an emergency
situation arises. Lockdowns are done to protect children. They are basically a reverse fire drill.
Instead of having all the students leave the classroom, a lockdown will keep the students in the
classroom. Lockdowns are not only done for the worst-case scenario, but more often they are
used in situations where the school needs to prevent students from going outside or from being in
the hallway. The drill will last approximately 20 minutes.

Examples of situations where a lockdown may be used:

● Medical emergency
● Stranger in the school
● Animal on school grounds
● Police activity in the area of the school
● Natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances
This practice lockdown is part of the Livingstone Range School Division Safety Procedures, an
example of our commitment to provide a secure, healthy and safe environment to staff, visitors
and students. During the drill, no one will be allowed to enter or leave the building. Lockdown
drills can be a little scary for younger students. Before the drill, teachers will talk to their classes
and walk the students through the procedures. Talking about the drill with your children at home
can also help alleviate unnecessary anxiety. Please plan student drop-offs and pick-ups
accordingly. A building lockdown requires that all doors are locked, when the emergency allows,
and all movement in and out of the building is restricted.
Yours in safety,
Audrey Kluin