Friends of AB Daley | Fundraiser

Friends of A.B. Daley is responsible for fundraising efforts at A.B. Daley Community School. Proceeds from fundraisers support educational, cultural and recreational activities such as:

  • Science Exhibits and Virtual Tours (i.e. On-site Planetarium, Royal Tyrrell Museum Virtual Tour)
  • Special School Activities (i.e. Pink Shirt Day, Peacekeepers Reward Party)
  • Arts, culture and music programs (i.e. Artist in Residence, Theatre Calgary)
  • In-line skating
  • LEGO Robotics

In addition to the above, funds have also been used for the purchase of both software (i.e. Mathletics, BrainPop) and hardware such as computers for the library and laptops for the classrooms, as well as items for the sensory room and playground equipment, maintenance and repairs.

Friends of A.B. Daley covers a portion of the cost of field trips and other experiences like “Clay for Kids” to ensure participation costs are reduced and affordable for parents. They are also responsible for the weekly lunch program at A.B. Daley Community School.

Friends of A.B. Daley is undertaking two new fundraising opportunities and would greatly appreciate your support.


Friends of A.B. Daley Fundraising Campaign (Timeline: On-going) Fundscrip is a gift card/eGift ordering site that provides a return to organizations each time a gift card is purchased. The rates vary per retailer but on average an organization can expect to receive 4% return overall. Gift cards can be ordered for groceries, gas, clothing, restaurants, iTunes, etc.

You can become a Friends of A.B. Daley supporter via the link below and by entering the code provided: CODE: NLHX3F

For a list of the participating retailers including the percentage of the order that would go to Friends of A.B. Daley please visit: 

Mabel's Labels

Mabel’s Labels

Friends of A.B. Daley Fundraising Campaign (Timeline: June 18/15 to May 31/16) When you order Mabel’s Labels before the start of the school year and up until May 31, 2016, you can now support Friends of A.B. Daley by ordering.

Visit, click on Support a Fundraiser and select Friends of A.B. Daley. Friends of A.B. Daley will earn 20% from each purchase.

Please share the link with family and friends that may be ordering and encourage them to support Friends of A.B. Daley. If you happen to place an order while the campaign is active and forget to apply it to Friends of A.B. Daley, you can always contact Mabel’s Labels via phone, e-mail or site chat after you place your order and have it applied.